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Altrad Fort, part of the international Altrad Group, is an established manufacturer of wheelbarrows who also supplies compactors, concrete mixers, construction equipment and tools for the building  and construction markets. Affordable quality, responsiveness, reliability and a range of strong brands are the foundations which Altrad Fort distinguishes itself in the market. Altrad Fort is the center of the Altrad activities in the Netherlands.

For many years (since 1950) Altrad Fort has a worldwide experience in the development and sale of wheelbarrows. Always in accordance with the highest use and quality and in respect to health and safety. Right from the start, FORT have chosen in more ways than one for an innovative approach. Not only from a technical and commercially approach but certainly supportive to the customers so that the end users get the best products. This quickly led to a competitive advantage as we have become Europe’s leading manufacturer in wheelbarrows.

Over the years our position have only strengthened, especially since 2005 as part of the Altrad group. In 27 years, the Altrad Group has become a major player in the construction equipment market. With the link between external and internal growth as the key to its development.

Altrad your nr.1 for DIY, Retail and Professional market:
Moving :  Wheelbarrows, Sack trucks, Bricktrucks, Mini-dumpers  
Forward plates, Reversible plates, Rammers   
Concrete mixers, Paddle mixers  
:  Pokers, Screeds, Trowels
:  Water pump
Bench saws, Floor saws, Block spitters
:  Hydraulic power packs
Construction equipment   : Scaffolding, Consoles, Stairs & Ladders


Excellent price / performance ratio

The innovative approach is not only reflected in the properties of all products, but also in the production. The products are made in our factories in the Netherlands and worldwide. The highly automated production lines makes it possible to achieve high quality products for the lowest possible production costs. This makes each product a truly excellent price/ performance ratio.


Purely functional and ergonomically

Altrad products are manufactured under high quality standards. Quality, ergonomics and safety aspects, which make Altrad strong and durable. Reliability and efficiency, that counts. Well thought- forms and constructions and ergonomic use. Each product has its special features that is unique in the market.


This unique product features increase the functionality and ease of use. In addition, there is purposeful attention to the design of all products all this thanks to our Design Research & Development Centers worldwide. Moreover, appealing displays, promotional and good packaging to the simple sale of Altrad Fort products.


Fast and flexible delivery

Over the years Altrad Fort has made ​​great strides in increasing the efficiency of production and flexibility. Through efficient stock management, production and logistics process Altrad Fort makes it possible to deliver the standard products within a week enabling our customers to keep their inventories. Layer At a time when low inventories play an important role, Altrad Fort is the right partner.

 Worldwide export

Today, much of the production is exported to many countries. In a number of countries are subsidiaries of the Altrad Group responsible for sales and service. In many other cases there is a close cooperation between dedicated distributors or agents.


Optimized range

When it comes to the range is to fulfill. Almost every wish The diversity of products is partly to compose and personalize. This allows distributors and resellers are able to EXCLUSIVELY, and unique in their industry and through our production flexibility to meet the needs of their customers quickly and efficiently.


Perfect service

In the course of time Altrad Fort has acquired an excellent reputation with its service. Like the quality of our range, we find the quality of the associated service is of utmost importance. A large warehouse structured and well-organized logistics resellers never long to products or parts waiting.


Altrad Fort B.V.
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4004 JV Tiel

Tel.: +31 344 - 638 484
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De E-PowerBarrow is a series of electrically powered wheelbarrows.


- Li-ion or AGM battery

- Hub motor: 430W/ 24V 

- Speed forward: 0-5.8 km/h

The best wheelbarrow ever!