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BGA pump

    Submersible flexible shaft pump 72 M3/H. High capacity submersible pump for draining and removal of water from trenche and building sites without use of electric power.
    - cast steel impeller
    - easy to use, priming not necessary
    - solid size capacity: 15mm
Article number Length hose Motor Power Engine speed weight
62380 5 m Honda GX160 5.5/ 4 pk/kW 2800 rpm 48 kg
62385 7 m Honda GX160 5.5/ 4 pk/kW 2800 rpm 54 kg

Hydraulic Water Pump

    Submersible Hydraulic water pump with great capacity for removal of water
    from building sites and trenches.
    - heavy duty applications combined with fl ow up to 52M3/H
    - hydraulic system providing power and great longevity
    - hydraulic fl ow of 20 litres/min, 140 bars
    - cast steel impeller
    - Belle hydraulic water pump can be run by either Midi 20-140 or Major 20-160X
Article number type Weight
62370 Heavy duty water pump 10 kg
62375 2” Discharge Hose 16 kg



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De E-PowerBarrow is a series of electrically powered wheelbarrows.


- Li-ion or AGM battery

- Hub motor: 430W/ 24V 

- Speed forward: 0-5.8 km/h

The best wheelbarrow ever!